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‘a book is a dream that you hold in your hand’

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The English Bookshop

The English Bookshop was established in St Antonin Noble Val over twenty years ago and at the beginning of 2015, it became part of our lives too. A long held dream, to own a bookshop, became reality in this most enchanting village in rural France.

Browsing among the shelves of a bookshop is rewarding in a way that surfing the internet can never be. Serendipity is the greatest pleasure of browsing and there is no substitute for landing upon a title from a wishlist of yesteryear.

There is a tingling rush of delight finding notes in a margin, or a faded pressed flower.We creep into a book to unlock its secrets, knowing a pre-loved volume has already experienced one hand, one eye, one bedside table.

Our English Bookshop celebrates the love of books we share with our customers. We are about people as well as books and as such we are giving any surplus profit to charity. Please look at the Charity tab for all the information about this year’s chosen charity.

Our supply of books is mostly donated by kind friends - so if you have any to give away with charity in mind, please contact us.

You will find the bookshop open during the summer months from Wednesdays to Sundays, long lazy hazy days perfect for browsing.

Please come and look us out, just next door to the Tourist Information, couldn’t be easier.


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