St Antonin

‘Books are uniquely portable magic’ – Stephen King

An hour and a half north of Toulouse, the village of St Antonin nestles in the remarkable gorge created by the Aveyron river. The first view from the ridge as you drive down the D958 is breathtakingly stunning.

St Antonin is medieval. The oldest town in the Rouergue and Quercy region, its earliest buildings date from the eighth century. It is perfectly preserved and exudes charm from every brick and building. Delightful art and curiosity shops open up in the narrow cobbled streets every summer and the lively Sunday market spills throughout the centre.

Saint-Antonin Noble Val remains a well-known hub for its sports and family-friendly activities: Climbing (600 tracks listed and equipped), hiking (twenty sign-posted footpaths departing from the town), mountain-biking, canoeing in the Aveyron Gorges, horse-riding, cliff-top activities, hang-gliding, paragliding, caving, etc

You can be as active as you would like, or just choose a book, picnic on the banks of the river and doze in the meadows.